Essay Guideline

The Steps in Peer Review and Its Importance

Students who review the works of others are benefited by learning how to read essays with a critical mind. Students who critique others learn to critique their own work. This is beneficial as they learn to read and search for mistakes they see in essays by other students.

Often instructors distribute suggestions and questions to search for while reviewing essays of students. Here are some suggested questions for peer reviewing:

What is the main idea?

What is the thesis? Is the thesis in the first paragraph? Is the thesis clear?

Is a hook used in the first paragraph? What type of hook?

Does the essay support the thesis? What types of evidence is used? Does the evidence have relevance? Does the evidence have credibility?

Is the essay organized? Why? Why not?

Look at each paragraph and see if the main idea supports the thesis.

Is the essay too wordy?

Is there supporting evidence for each of the main topic sentences?

Are transitions used between paragraphs?

What are the main strengths of the essay?

What are the weaknesses?

Are any of the words spelled incorrectly?

Check the grammar and punctuation.

Use specific words to describe the problems in the essay. What needs to be changed? What can be added to make a better essay? When you finish reading the essay do you have questions? Write these down. If you had problems understanding a point jot this down in the margin of the essay. Let the writer know what you like about the essay.

While it is important to note changes that need to be made on the essay, it is also important to be positive. What did you like about the essay? What were the strengths of the essay? Did you like the hook? Think about positive comments to make about the essay even if you think it is the worse essay that you have ever read. It is also important to use negative comments even if it is your best friend who wrote the essay. Remember any comments you make may make a difference in the final essay and the grade the student makes on the essay. Failing to be honest about the essay can hurt the writer. In fact, professional writers usually have a critique group review their